Level 1 Amsterdam - Intensive is offered by Kundalini Pilgrims. This journey is an immersion into Kundalini Yoga, a great way to integrate the yoga lifestyle into your daily life, and a unique way to become a certified yoga teacher. The teaching team, the different locations in and around the city, and our yoga resort in Ibiza, will offer you the perfect setting for this journey. Dive deep into the experience of Kundalini Yoga, and accelerate your personal and spiritual development.

For everyone

The Level1 Intensive Training is for everyone who likes to
• become a certified yoga teacher
• deepen their personal experience of Kundalini Yoga
• integrate yoga skills into your daily life and profession


This training is certified by KRI - Kundalini Research Institute. After successful completion of the training you will receive the "International Kundalini Yoga Level 1 - Instructor" certificate.

Level1 brochure

For additional information about the Level1 Amsterdam - Intensive Teacher Training and Study conditions: download the brochure

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Aanmelden voor de Kundalini Yoga Lerarenopleiding - Level1 Intensive



Lead trainer: Simrit Kaur
Simrit is an independent Kundalini Yoga trainer (Level 1 and 2). Simrit has been a major contributor to bringing Kundalini Yoga to the Middle East. She is the first Israeli Lead Trainer and lives the life of a “Kundalini Pilgrim” - teaching and traveling in Israel and in Europe. She teaches with a huge respect to the origin and with much love to originality. Simrit Kaur is a living example of someone who is fully committed and dedicated to service. She is a teacher, a leader, and holds a yogic integrity on all levels. She is a loving, caring and compassionate teacher with an amazing capacity to direct, guide and uplift others.

Professional trainer: Siridharma Singh

Siridharma is the founder of Yoga Lifestyle and many other yoga projects. For many years his focus was to bring yoga to the “non-believers”. His work in the corporate world has been a very important contribution to the lives of many and to the culture of many businesses. Sharing a space with Siri Dharma always feels like being in god’s amazing playground, where serving is a joy and a loving exchange between many realms.

Guest Teacher: Karen O'Brien-Kop

After almost a decade of teaching yoga she moved on to the academic study of yoga. She completed the MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation and is now pursuing a PhD in the Department of Religions and Philosophies. Karen is currently doing a research project on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Karen has authored the online audio-course 'The Philosophy of the Yogasutras' for wisestudies.com.

Supporting Team

Tim Schipper and Marieke De Lange, founders of Kundalini Yoga School will be assisting and supporting throughout the program.


From 3150 € including training expenses, deposit and registration, seminar house accommodation, vegetarian meals and examination / certification. Download the brochure for more information about the various payment options.

Dates 2018:

30-04 March / April - Zandvoort
08-15 July - Ibiza
24-29 September - Amsterdam
24-29 November - Zandvoort

Each meeting will start at 18:00pm on the arrival day, and end at 18:00 on the last day. The meeting on Ibiza will be six training days and ends on departure day at 11:00am in the morning.

The third week is urban and will be offered at several locations in Amsterdam. For this week in Amsterdam you will organise your own accommodation and provide for your own diner.

yoga opleiding op ibiza
kundalini yoga opleiding ibiza kundalini yoga opleiding ibiza

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