Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is for anyone who prefers a personal approach and wants to work effectively on specific themes or issues. Did your doctor or therapist suggest you should do yoga, do you have personal problems or issues, or you want to focus on personal themes or goals then yoga therapy is the right choice for you.


The yoga therapist is able to focus his knowledge and full attention exclusively on the client during this 1 on 1 session. Throughout a 10-week course you learn how to practice Kundalini Yoga, how to meditate and integrate a conscious lifestyle.


In this 1 on 1 situation, the therapist will focus his knowledge and attention to fully align with the client. In a 10 week program you will learn to integrate yoga and meditation into your daily life. In addition, we will look at your diet and eating habits. You receive interesting guidelines and tips for making positive changes in your lifestyle. After completing the therapy program, you understand – through experience - what yoga can do for you. You have integrated the yogic health methodology into your daily life and enjoy the benefits.

Method – Intake, program, evaluation

During an intake session the themes and objectives are examined and defined. Based on this assessment a program will be created which is offered to you in the following weeks with suitable guidance. You will receive all exercises in a manual or by email so you can work with the material at home. During the whole program your progress and development will be monitored and evaluated. At the end of the program you will determine what how to continue your process.

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You can sign up for Yoga Therapy by filling out the online registration form. Besides your personal information we ask you to complete the intake questionnaire. Your answers are a starting point for the intake and help us to make the best program for you. When we receive your application, we will contact you for an appointment.



"The training was perfectly tuned to my personal situation. Based on my input the trainer evaluated what exercise set was relevant and suitable for each session. The exercise commentary gave me a new insight and made it a special and valuable training. The location where the training was offered had the right ambiance "

Marten Brinkhuis / Manager


"The Yoga Therapy program has made me aware of how I can deal with stress. I found more peace of mind. I have experienced how to break certain habits and overcome barriers through a combination of relaxation and endurance. In addition I feel more connected with myself and my environment. The personal guidance I received had exactly the right tone for me, a combination of precise approach, clarity and consideration."

Stephen Hodes / Consultant/lector/coach


International Association of Yoga Therapists

Yoga Lifestyle is registered with the International Association of Yoga Therapists


Certified Trainers

Yoga Lifestyle works exclusively with internationally certified therapists. Yoga therapists have completed the International Yoga Therapy Training.


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