Basics of Kundalini Yoga

Class structure

A Kundalini Yoga session lasts 60 to 90 minutes and includes the following elements: tuning in – yoga set or kriya - relaxation - meditation – closing.

Tuning in & conclusion

Every session starts with chanting the mantra's:

‘Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo’

‘Aad Guray Nameh, Jugaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siree Guroo Dayv-ay Nameh’

By chanting these mantra's you open yourself for the experience of Kundalini Yoga. The mantra's gives access to the positive connection between yourself and the higher conscience. We conclude the kundalini yoga session with chanting the Bij- or Seed-Mantra: ‘Sat Nam’. This mantra integrates the effect of the discipline and reaffirms your authentic self.


Kundalini Yoga Techniques

Asana’s (Body posture / movements)

Kundalini yoga uses specific postures and movements (Asanas). The basic posture is sitting with a straight back and the chin pulled in so that the vertebrae of the neck and spine form a straight line.

Pranayama (Breath)

There are several breathing techniques you must master to be able to conduct the exercises. The most important are: Long deep breathing, where you use the complete capacity of the lungs, and Fire breathing, a rapid, rhythmic, bellow type breathing method.

Dhristi (Focus)

Unless specified otherwise, you may focus on the brow point. With your eyes closed turning your eyes gently upwards and inwards focussing at the point between and little above the eyebrows. You remain aware of your breathing, your posture and mental sound.

Mantra (Mental sound)

To link your mind with the exercises you mentally repeat the sound `Sat’ on the inhale and `Nam’ on the exhale. Sat Nam means: truth is my identity.”

Bandhas (Muscle contraction)

To fully utilize the built energy, you contract specific muscle groups concluding the exercises.


Practicing Kundalini Yoga at home

You can practice Kundalini Yoga at home comfortably. It offers you many possibilities to work on every part of your physical, mental and emotional being. Before starting your practice at home it is important to get familiar with the basics. That is why we recommend taking part in the classes and receiving meticulous instructions from our teachers.


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