Sadhana is the morning discipline of Kundalini Yoga and is practiced several days a week at Yoga Lifestyle Studio. It is a special discipline that was given by Yogi Bhajan (master in Kundalini Yoga) to help us prepare for the changes and challenges of the daily life in the 21st century. We are happy to invite you to come and enjoy this beautiful practice. Sadhana is being offered for free. It’s possible to give a donation. There is a donation box in the studio.
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Sadhana is offered in a very neutral and meditative space. The special quality of this space is felt and supports each individual's process and facilitates the deep experience that can be realized through sadhana. Here are some guidelines that can help create the right atmosphere in the room and optimize your own experience.

- Take a cold shower and drink two glasses of water.
- Wear clean, fresh and preferably white clothes.
- Cover your head with a turban or headscarf.
- Do not use perfume and prevent strong odors.


Sadhana Morning discipline

4:00  Wake up / Cold shower
4:30  Recite JAPJI
5:00  Yoga Set
6:00  Mantras
7:00  Closing

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Sadhana events

To deepen your sadhana experience and further explore the Kundalini Yoga experience you can participate in special sadhana events all through the year. For example the famous 40-day sadhana experience, where you commit with other students to practice sadhana for 40 days in a row. A life-altering experience for anyone who would like to experience what it means to maintain a regular discipline.


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