Rebalancing Massage

Rebalancing massage works with several methods of touch. Sometimes using gentle, subtle techniques, sometimes deep and firm. On the border of resistance and relaxation it is possible to link physical tension with emotional tension. By experiencing physical tension, past stored emotions can enter consciousness and can be explored. You examine what barriers are in the way of a free and relaxed life.


Deep Tissue Massage

Soft tissue massage releases tension from the underlying muscles and soft tissue. This massage technique is carried out in long sliding strokes with the fingers, back of the hands and lower arm. Tightness in the tissue, often recognised as painful areas, is released by working deeply yet gently into the tissue. It can be a relief for people who are dealing with (chronic) muscle tension, for example in the back, neck and shoulders. Also suitable for people who love deep and/or strong massage.


Pre-Natal Massage

When you are pregnant, massage is also a great method to help you keep feeling great and remain connected with your own stength. Your body changes and increases in weight whereby muscles, of which you didn’t even know they existed become painfull and feel strained. A mild massage allows your body to rest, unnecessary tension disappears and brings you in touch with yourself (and your baby.)

Holistic Pulsing

Holistic Pulsing is a massage type that focusses on self-realisation. The body receives a continuing rhythmic and rocking movement. Sometimes the movements are small and subtle and sometimes larger and more testing. You will experience where energy flows and where it feels blocked. You are invited to 'release' by using conscious breathing.


Foot Reflexology Therapy

There are several reflex zones on the feet, that correspond with organs and other various parts of the body. The sensitivity of these areas gives an indication of the levels of tension in the body.


Acupressure restores a natural balance and the body's ability to self-heal. With acupressure you can relieve pain, increase vitality and treat disease. Emotional and mental disorders such as stress, anxiety, fear and addictions can be treated successfully with acupressure. By administering well dosed pressure with the fingers and the thumb on certain body points, the self-healing capacity of the body is greatly restored.


Classic Massage

This massage can improve the blood flow, reduce stiffness and pain in the muscles and create a general feeling of relaxation.


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